WTB PS1 dual shock controller or PCB

I’ve looked around at every game store that I can think of around here, and I can’t find one. I need an official one so I don’t get lag with the converters I have.

Complete controller or just pcb, doesn’t matter to me, I’m just gonna rip it open either way

Looking to pay somewhere around $15

Thanks :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve been looking everywhere as well. I was hoping local game shop would have some used one but no luck. I’m just gonna start using used PS2 ones for my arcade sticks. Only $20 and there’s tons of them.

What about the analog buttons? I heard that they’re really problematic to hack…

theres a shitload at the gamestops by my house
mainly ps2 DS2’s

pm me if you want me to pick one up for you
theyre usually 20

but i think ive seen ps1’s too

Ahh, I have at least 4 original Dual Shocks at my mom’s house I would sell, but that’s not here so ohh well… I actually think I have one down here, but the right analog stick is kinda messed up (works but it’s very loose), that wouldn’t matter for what you want to do with it anyway though, right? Anyway PM me if you’re interested in it…

I did a quick search on ebay and found some going for around $5.

Still have about a dozen DualShock1 pads I could consider selling. They’re all in the original PS1 gray color, haven’t dissected them all yet but so far some have been dual-PCB with regular solder points and some single-PCB suitable for the solderless hack. To cover my expenses I’d have to charge $6 USD each plus shipping (which unfortunately isn’t very cheap since I’m on the other side of the world to most of you here).