WTB: PS1 Namco Stick upgrade to PS2/PS3 PCB

My wife bought me my Namco stick as a gift years ago and I would rather continue using it for my PS3 rather than pick up another stick.

Example Pic:

Does anyone offer a service to upgrade this stick to either a PS2 PCB? I am leaning more towards this option because I can use any PSX to USB adaptor for use with the PS3 or PS2 or PS1. I have another stick that I use a generic PSX-to-USB and it works fine when plugged in the PS3.
Does anyone offer a service to upgrade this stick to a bluetooth enabled, six-axis, PS3 PCB?

PM me any offers or forward anyone you may know, or provide me with any links you may have in mind.

Thank you!:rofl:

why do you want a ps2 pcb as opposed to the psx pcb in there.

Contact the user “DevilsFang” on this forum. He’s really good at modding and is great to deal with.

Conatct ‘DevilsFang’ he does quality works, very good communication, very quick to reply to PMs.
btw i got the same stick you have, and i got mine modded by DevilsFang. I can vouch for him:tup:

it’s easy with a sixaxis adapter. no soldering, you should try to do it yourself. it’s worth the experience and peace of mind knowing that you modded your own stick!!!

well, alot of PSX digital pcb’s dont work well with converters.

:u:You guys are awesome:u: I’m glad your both so happy with my work.:tup:

StrtFghtrMstr, I’m sending you a PM.