WTB: Ps2 arcade stick


Got a stick lying around? I’m looking for something to play guilty gear with. Thanks.




Also looking to sell my PS2 Tekken 5 stick with box, tekken, and dvd case as well.


Up top. Still looking for one.


You’ve had three different offers, what more do you want? You’re not going to find one for much less than $50-60 that’s worth having, a mayflash may be cheaper, but stock, its crap. The T5 at least can last you a good amount of time as is, and is easily modded.
Anyone looking to let go of just the collectors case? Just wondering.


Bing search has hrap2 SA for 109 after cashback if you’re interested. Other than that I agree with kitsunisan about thinking about the offers made above.


I am selling that one for 50usd + shipping if you are interested.


I don’t think that store has HRAP2 SAs in stock. If it did, I’d have already bought 2 :wonder:


hey TDeneke how does the cord come out??


yeah out the right side.


can i get a pic of it coming out and the dimensions


Ill sell you this:


$165 shipped