WTB: PS2 Fighting games


Need to buy the following
(all ps2)
sf anniversary edition
alpha anthology

Let me know

i am looking for em asap

slightly used is fine! :tup:

can the mods change the thread title to:
WTB: PS2 Fighting games

awwww, I just sold mines on ebay this past week :frowning:

bump :frowning:

I have SFAE near mint on original case with manual for $15 shipped. Let me know.

i have an unopened CVS2, how much are u willing to offer

do you take paypal or m/o?

25 shipped
pm me if interested

SFAE here $15 shipped?

what condition is it in?

bump :frowning:

I’m looking for SF:AC as well (the one with 3s just so there isn’t any confusion). Willing to pay 15 shipped, dont care if its with manual or not. Give shoo priority since this is his thread, but if he passes on any SFAC offer I will take it. Thanks.

I have MVC2 with case and manual and everything. The CD plays perfectly but I have to check on the condition of it later when I get home.

how much shipped?

dont need the manual or box
just ship it packaged of course ^__^;