WTB: PS2 Fighting Games

Hey guys,

I’m looking to boost my PS2 fighting games collection…

Currently i’m looking to purchase:

Guilty Gear AC
SF Alpha Anthology (Bought)
SF Anniversary (Bought)
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Bought)
KOF XI (Bought)
Arcana Heart (Bought)

Please PM me if you’re looking to part with any of the above.


Damn man, i just sold SF Anthology and Cacom vs SNK 2 to my cousin yesterday. i would go to his house and see if he wants to sell the games back to me Half price :wgrin:, but its to DAAAAMN HOT outhere. well you know you from N.Y.

SF Alpha Anthology or SF Anniversary?

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I’ve GG XX: AC and CvsS 2 games for low price sale. I’ll closed end time: June 20,2008.
I’ll trade game in Ebgames.

Yeah definitely lemme know man, I’d be interested.

no man, dont trade those games at EBgames, they will not give you what those games are worth, they will give you like $15 or so, so they can make profit out of them. just keep them here or try to sell them on ebay.

agreed with engel, i traded sfac in 2005ish to ebgames, they gave me 4.00 cash, then it went up crazy in price. me = fuxed, i still dont own an original copy (if you know what i mean)

I added KOF XI to the top list too. I’ve never played it but it looks pretty badass.

You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Valaris, you rock. haha

First thread updated.

I’m big collection 2D fighting games. I’ve a KOF XI game. :yawn:

rarest game!

I’ve a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and **King of Fighter 95 **for PSone.

what you are expect to buy? :razz:

Lol. no, its not a bad thing… for them, but for me it is, im not going to trade in a copy of CvS2 or MvC for $5 or $10, thats crazy. but yeah, thats business.

GS is offering $38 for MvC2 in trade right now. Ridiculous.

See? thats what im talking about. $38 for MvC2 (with everything i belive, case, booklet, etc.) BS.

Thats actually not horrible for GS, but bad for the nut who trades it in…Eventually they’ll all be worth that much.

Anyone know how much the DC versions of MVC 1 and 2 are worth? I’ve been holding onto those for years, one of the main reasons I never ditched my DC.

One another note, first thread updated.

Bumping for possible GGAC Purchase