WTB PS2 Games/DC Games

All prices are what I’m willing to pay SHIPPED
All games MUST be complete.
I’ll be sending payments via Paypal

DC Fighters:
SFIII Double Impact: 25

PS2 RPG’s:
Dragon Quest VIII: 12-15. 20 w/ guide.
Radiata Stories: 12 shipped. 18 shipped with Guide.

PM or post if you have any questions.

i got the KH 1 game let me know if you still want it

pm sent.


forgot to mention what payment type I’d be using. ^_^;;; updated.

if you change your mind, i have a copy of ffx-2 DISC ONLY lying around somewhere…

I’m willing to part with Alpha Anthology for 20 shipped!

PM Sent.

updated list.

Thanks onslaught2000. :cool:

Awesome, I’ll let you know when it clears and when I ship the game out to you! :tup:

Ninja Edit: No problem!


bump. updated how much I’m willing to spend.

my wallet hates me. :frowning:

I got CVS2 for PS2.