WTB PS2 Games.

Prices I’m willing to pay include shipping.
Verified paypal user. Will send payments as “gift” then PM you my address.
I prefer if things are sent priority but Media Mail is acceptable.

Games must be mint and complete with artwork and insert. No price stickers (or any other stickers) on the games would be appreciated. Pics are also appreciated but not a must.

CvS2 - 15

Please post in thread as I very rarely check my PM box.


http://shoryuken.com/f226/wts-stock-namco-stick-258259/ Maybe you can barter the price down a little bit on this one. Just send that guy an email. I know him personally.

too rich for my blood. especially around the holidays. i didnt even pay that much for my hrap3.

thanks for the heads up though.

Would also settle for a t5 Hori for 35-45 shipped.


I have a T5 Hori BNIB with Game sealed for $60 shipped. PM if interested. Pics upon request.

SF: Anniversary Edition - 10
SF: Alpha Anthology - 10

Stuart, I have both of these if you’re interested! I know you’re going to be prioritizing the Namco/T5 but I figured I’d let you know you have an interested seller.


I’ll ask him to help you out a bit, send him an offer. It’s Tournament and Holiday season, so I think we’re all hurting around these days.

Worth a shot I guess.

Found a stick. So I’m looking for PS2 games now.