WTB: PS2 Japanese Stick shipped to an APO Address

What’s up SRK.

I’m currently deployed to Iraq. My father is mailing my PS2 to me in the next couple of days, and I just bought SF:AC and Accent Core for the umpteenth time.

The only thing I’m missing is a decent Japanese stick. Does anyone have a Hori/Hori-esque stick they’d sell me? I have no problem paying the shipping expenses for an APO address. Money is not an issue ATM - it’s not like I’m spending it on gas or anything. :rofl:

sent you a pm/visitor message PM me back.

Check your PMs.

Do you ever go to Kuwait? Get a day off? If you can get out for just even one day I know a place where you can buy arcade sticks there… and ps2s and games for 1 KD.

If you bought a game locally in Iraq don’t expect it to work on your american PS2. Most games in the area are copied off the internet and will only work with a chiped PS2 (which most all are sold as over there).

I was in Kuwait for about 10 days before I got here.

I didn’t buy the games locally, I order them off Amazon.

Ah, alright.

Well if you do go back into Kuwait anytime, check out a place called " Rehab Complex " pronounced “ree haub”. It is in the Hawally district. Its black market galore in there. There are also shops for action figures, including lots of rare ones. Last time I went when I was in Kuwait I didn’t notice any arcade sticks but I’m sure they have them if you look hard enough. And don’t bother asking the clerks questions… you gotta find it yourself.

Good luck! Stay safe.