WTB: PS2 MAS stick with Wico P360

I want to buy a MAS stick with a Wico P360. Preferably 6-button.

i have one, but i my p360 has no logo. I was told it was wico so if your interested, im planning on selling it for 130+shipping. Ill take pics if u want =p

EDIT: It has no PCB

It i a Wico =) The only thing with a logo I believe is the washer.

it is red. it is beautiful. I miss it. =(


Note: The Wico can be made shorter then a happ 360. using a happ now for MVC2and can’t make it the length i want. =(

LOL are you the guy that traded me the mas case and the wico? LOL if so, i love your stick man, it works so good! but the one im trying to sell is a totally different stick from yours, your stick is a keeper =]

but dont worry, your stick is in good use =p

I only want a stick that’s ready to play on. I have no experience with wiring stuff up.