[WTB] PS2 Network Adapter, PSP Slim, Laptop

I’m interested on what’s on the thread title, so start making your offers. The laptop in particular must be at most about $550 after considering shipping costs.


No one?

I tried searching for a network adapter here not too long ago and no one appeared to have one. Don’t know about the other stuff, though.

theres a monster load of adaters on ebay for 99 cents

should give that a shot,

Nah, they all go for 30+. I’ve been keeping an eye on them. I’ll probably cave and buy one from there eventually.

just realized you’re from chile.

But I have bought from people here before; Why everyone hates on me when buying just because I’m outside North America :(?

no one hates you, just shipping outside of the country seems more trouble and harder to keep track of than domestic.

Not my fault for being that far, so come on, cut a fellow gamer some slack :3.