WTB: Ps2->Ps3 converter, Pelican

These things are impossible to find, and I’ve seen previous threads about them before.

Does anyone have extras or one they want to sell that is still working?

I pmed dreamtr already but if anyone wants to sell me one please pm.

I, too, would like one of these - if you get more than one response, please send them my way.

sorry if hijacking, but I too need a reliable ps2 —> ps3 converter

What are you offering?

^You’re welcome to pm me if you want to sell with an offer. I don’t know how much these things are.


ive heard from reliable sources these work as well as pelican.

also check local gamestops for pelicans, i didnt have trouble finding one, but it was back when ggpo first came out.

good luck.

Wow thanks. Question, who’d you hear from that this works well?

I was interested because I have a korean stick that I want to use for tekken DR and tekken 6, but it would be nice if it worked for 3s too. From reading the auction however, it seems that it does not work with ps2 games.

Definitely check out any Gamestops around you, like skisonic said. Mine always has plenty.

From this thread. I recently picked up the generic (Tim Static) adapter myself to use on my PC and so far, so good. :tup: I have a MAS coming in soon, so I’ll test it on that and report my findings.

kai (i think he’s nydrin on srk), and he also mentioned floe bought one as well, but I havent heard directly from floe.

kai is very reliable though, im gonna go ahead and order one for myself for an extra/spare.

this is also cheaper than the pelican at gamestop, mine was $14.99.

It does, after the recent firmware upgrades for th Ps3 all controllers that work with the Ps3 work with Ps2 games.

Is that including sticks made for the PS3, like Hori’s PS3 Fighting Stick? Or just PS2 controllers with an adapter?

I guess I will see. It should work since it’s a ps2 controller on a ps2 game. If I had a ps2, I would just use it but I don’t.

All. Basically, if you can navigate the menu with it then it will work.

Even if the adapter/controller has no PS/Analog button to syncronize with the PS2 game?

Have you ever bought one from this guy?

His feedback is questionable. Negative 125 in the last month. I bought one from him but haven’t received it or I’m not sure if it has even shipped.

I have a bunch of these I can sell for $10 shipped anywhere in the USA. PM me if interested, brand new in box. The Dragon version.

Wanna buy some and sell em to me?

I’ve received numerous PMs. No one is reading my post. DRAGON VERSION I am selling, NOT PELICAN.

Sorry, no I havent, and I hadn’t noticed, my bad. Like I said a friend did but thats all I really got to go on. I would say talk to DreamTR though he’s an expert and should be able to answer your questions regarding the DRAGON VERSION he has available.

p.s. Ill check my local gamestop since some folks are interested anyway.