WTB: PS2 rj-45 cables, Kidrobot Dictator

So as the title says.

I need two PS2 to RJ-45 cables (As I evidently fail at making them x_x.) and as a bonus, looking for a Kidrobot Dictator.

The RJ-45 to PS2 is far more important though. I don’t have a clear understanding of how much these go for, usually, so chuck me a price, I’m very partial to negotiation.

I live in the UK and use paypal only.

Thankies <3

jdm can do it for you. I would but I’m out of the country. I’m sure I have some cables at home too… I’ll tell him to message you

Thanking you muchly :3

You can message him too. He’s a busy guy these days =(

If not, Gummo and Nitewalker both do cables too. Here’s NiteWalkers page: See new thread, please close

Yep, I can do em.
PM if you’d like one.

Everyone mentioned in the thread does great work too.