WTB: PS2 Slim/Fighting Games

I’m looking for purchase a PS2 Slim and a combination of fighting games to go along with it. My main interests are Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear AC, SF Anthology, Melty Blood (JAP) but I love all fighting games.

Please PM me or post here if you have anything for sale as a package deal.


does it have to be slim?

Mine is a larger version with capability for HD loader. as it comes with a network adapter

comes with

SF anthology
tekken 5
virtua fighter 4 evo
and a game shark

as well as a memory card

looking for 125 shipped for all of the above.

I am actually looking for the slim version, sorry.

Why do people want a slim? Portability is the only main reason I can think of and to me that’s not worth the extra cash. FYI, Bought a Fat ps2 for about 30 bucks not too long ago.

Probably ppl want a slim because they are newer and less prone to break down, but I don’t really know the reason. I bought a slim because of that reason.

Bingo :slight_smile:

Seriously? I thought it was the opposite. I always heard that the slim overheats due to it’s small size or something like that. I mean for the same price you could get a new slim you could get 2-3 fat ps2s which do the same thing. But to each they’re own, I guess. Good luck on the buy. :tup:

Bumping to pursue leads.

With the phat PS2s you are more likely to run into disc read errors and drive failures, especially with a console that has been used heavily over the years. I haven’t heard about slim PS2s overheating. I know when I worked at Sony in testing we had a ton of slims and never had any problems, even on the day the AC went out and it was like 90 degrees in the office.


yeah, it’s little problem slim is heat when you play longer. FAT PS2 has a fan cool less heat. it’s play longest time.