WTB: PS2 Stick (Purchased. Please close.)


I want to buy a PS2 stick for shmups. Preferences:

-Parts: Sanwa or Seimitsu, but I’m open.
-Layout: Jap layout, 6 or 8 buttons, convex.
-Color: Black. I’d be down for black and red or black and white.
-Size: Prefer smaller, but whatever.

I want it to have a PS2 connector. Whether that’s through a PS2 PCB or some kinda RJ45 setup, I don’t care. I’ll be buying PS2 to GCN/Wii adapters.

I’m sure someone has an outdated stick lying around. Make me an offer.


Also, I’m previously Koatl on SRK. I’ve done business here for a damn long time, and I’m sure many people would vouch for me.


Got one offer so far. I’m gonna give it a few more days.

Whether you have a cheapass stick or something far superior, I want to hear about it.

Thanks again.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed I did. Thanks!

Currently weighing options.

@spacegod has a PS2 stick I think.

Thank you SmokeMaxX. SpaceGod contacted me.

Purchase has been made. Thank you everyone.

I was going to update the thread to purchase some adapters, but SRK won’t let me edit the first post. So I’ll be starting a new thread.

Glad everything worked out! :slight_smile: