WTB PS2 To XBOX 360 Adapter


I need to purchase a ps2 controller to 360 adapter ASAFP, I would use ebay or another site however, the shipping would be 30+ dollars for me to receive it before the 11th.

So, I’m looking for someone that has it right now that’s willing to sell. However, I’m looking for the adapter that DOES NOT need a 360 controller to work. I’m looking for one that plugs directly into the ps2 controller that goes directly into the 360.

Payments will be made via paypal gift.


lol thats like saying hey can you guys pay for half my shipping, just cause “I” want it right away. Sikeeeee


More like, I’m not willing to wait three weeks for something to come from china. I’d obviously pay for shipping its jut not going to be so ludicrous from us to us.


Bump. Xtokki preferably