WTB: PS2-XBOX Converter (Magic Box, DreamBox, X-Connection)

Hello, I want to get one of these as quickly as possible. I’ve been researching, and these are considered the best converters. I’ll leave this up for a week, then after that, I’ll buy from an online store that has one. Post if you’re interested, thanks.

Offer on Magic Box?

hey mate i got magic box converter in box literally brand new (never used).

looking to see it for $40 if your interested.



I’ve read that the Magic Box is pretty expensive (running about 50 dollars). Being a cheap guy, I’d rather have DreamBox, or X Connection (ones below 20 dollars). How much are you offering for the Magic Box? As long as it’s below 50, then it’s good.

Edit: Does the Magic Box connect to the DC, and PC as well? I see some ports in that pic (never saw those before). Also, how much more would it cost to ship, since you’re overseas in the UK?

i duno if u see my post properly or we both submited message at the same time

Do you just need one? I’ve had these for a while and never use em. They came labelled “Magic Box” but i have no idea what they really are. They only work with dual shock pcbs but no noticeable input delay. $30 shipped for both, or $15 seperate? You can have that svideo cable for an extra $2 bucks if you need it. :slight_smile:


edit/off topic does that say “wonderful farmer product?” :smiley:

I only need one… by the way, is that S-video cable for Xbox? I’ve been searching for one for a whole month (wasting about 50 dollars in the process). There is one that should be coming in a couple of days, but for now, can you hold on to that S-video?

I’m still looking at the best offers, so anyone that is interested, please post.

yeah, it’s s-video. it’ll be sitting in my pile of old xbox stuff i dont need anymore. :slight_smile:

i am pretty sure i have an ps2-xbox converter. Since i dont have an xbox id sell it cheap…like $15 shipped? PM/email me if interested

I have a joy box no lag with Dual shock or mas sticks, I also have a S video cable or a Component video cable for xbox $25 shipped for both.