WTB: ps2

i wana buy a ps2 just so i can play fighting games . b/c i dont like the games on the system… any one have a cheap one? im think around 50. :frowning:

i would pay more for a “Special ONE” LOL

i know you can post to buy a modded one. but i dont know wat site to go to for one… i tried googling it but i failed.

SOME ONE HELP… i need my fighting games

You can look up craigslist.com for your local area. People do post their modded ps2’s up every now and then. Other than that, you can probably ask someone to solder one in for you. I could try, but I can’t guarantee anything >_<

You can always try the fat PS2 plus hard drive method. Not all fighting games work on it but almost all do.

check pm