WTB: PS3/360 stick with Sanwa or Seimetsu parts

I’ve been searching the WTS threads with not much luck so far, so I’ve decided to create a thread in hopes of finding some people looking to sell n . n

I’m looking for already finished sticks, because as cool as having a custom stick built would be… I would rather not have to wait around for a month or longer for the thing to be built ha. So basically I’m looking for a seller who can ship out relatively quickly and not a person who constantly has me waiting because he’s always helping his mother who has rubber wheels for legs and she’s continuously being stranded in the streets by flat tires because of the poor quality of the roads :B

Because of my request, I can assure you sellers that I will return the favor and have your payment sent to you through paypal asap… well anyways that about wraps it up, so please feel free to either PM me or post in here, thanks ^ . ^

oh and I guess P.S. if you happen to know of a custom stick builder that actually has a pretty low wait time, the information would be appreciated :b

If you have a box builder in mind, we can build you one. It would only take the time to ship it and a day or so to have it wired up. Let me know. We do all sorts of wiring. http://shoryuken.com/f226/james-james-so-cal-modding-246549/?highlight=

you can check out my stick and see if your instristed.

You can check out my stick here.


i got some sticks there