WTB: PS3 60GB with BC

I’m looking for a 60gb PS3 with backwards compatibility. I’m willing to pay $500.00 shipped.

I have a original 60 gig but I installed a 120 gig hard drive in it. It was purchased launch week and is backwards compatible for PS1 and PS2 games. It has 6 usb ports, memory card slots and built in wifi. $625 shipped. I got a couple of old school PS1 and PS2 games to go with it. Games like Jet moto, some sports games, driver 2 and 3, Soul Reaver 2 etc. I will also throw in the memory card adapter for the PS2. Let me know if this sounds good or if you think I’m crazy, lol.
edit- price is negotiable…

I’ll say it. You’re crazy. :lol:

I’ve seen a few people try to sell them for 350-400 MAX. I’m about to be in the market for a ps3 in a little while but, I don’t care about backwards compatibility. I gots me a ps2 for that. :bgrin:

Yeah Mcginnis, but that’s probably for the non backwards compatible version. Hey, I love my PS3! I’m not greedy though. I was just willing to help pheonix out. Also because I added the larger hard drive and the other extras.

Hey Pheonix, you can also get a used BC PS3 @ gamestop for about 480 plus shipping.

U can buy a mgs bundle ps3 it’s backwards compatible as well it’s the only non launch 1 that is I believe

Oh no, they’re BC. Just that I saw them at another forum is all. I think one was $420 but that had a 500GB HDD. I would’ve gotten it but was low on funds.

Anyways, good luck with your sale. :tup:

i tryed to help guess the 80gb motorstorm bundles are bc as well

this 1 is a great deal he got a few feedback on ps3 systems he sold like this











i have a rarely used like-new CECHA PS3 upgraded to 500G hard drive.
This unit uses the hardware Emotion Engine compatible with 95% of the PS1/2 games.

It is still under extended warranty for another year.

Looking for $650 Shipped. Let me know if you are interested.

I have a like new launch $600 PS3 with a 320GB HDD in it that I would sell for $400 + shipping.

Wow, looks like some great deals here. The ebay ones seem really good! Good Luck on your purchase Pheonix. Looks like you’ll have one soon enough.


Is that a typo or did you mod it because my 60gb PS3 only has 4usb ports.

I goofed! bows head in shame and embarrassment
It actually has 4 only just like yours.

I’ll sell you my launch BC 60GB PS3 for $500 shipped. I don’t play it much anymore.

It has seen minimal use but be aware that this is the first model and runs warmer than the newer versions without BC. You will need to keep it well ventilated.

Let me know if you’re interested.

I have a friend willing to do this deal. let us know, it can be packed and shipped within a day.
It has a shit load of DLC on it too.

His 60Gb PS3 has at least,
(All Full Versions)

Brawler/Shadaloo Pack
3v3 Arcade Hockey
Crystal Defenders
Crash Commando
Street Fighter Alpha 2
KOF '99
Fat Princess
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Bomberman Ultra
Battle Field: 1943

and his list goes on… these are just the games I have on my system which he game shared with me