WTB ps3 Axisdapter, UK based


Hello! This is my first post here so if I’m breaking rules please let me know!

I’m after an axisdapter to use in a part of my 4th year university honours project, I’m creating custom controllers for people to play games on and one of my prototypes is combing bop it extreme 2 with a six axis controller. The problem is the ps3 controller board is so small I can’t solder on it without potentially ruining the controller, this is how I’ve come across the axisdapter!

I was hoping some of you nice folk could link me a few sites or put me in contact with someone who could sell me the adapter? It’s been difficult to track one down that’s not asking me to pay high shipping costs as it appears I’m a few years late to wanting one.

I don’t mind if it’s fully assembled or in kit form as I can use either! So please, if anyone can help me it would really mean a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you,



Fun project. I sent you a PM. :wink: