WTB: PS3 Cthulhu or PS3 SE/TE PCB


Looking for
[]Cthulhu 20-25 shipped.
]PS3 TE/SE PCB w or w/o panel


Looking for a ps3 TE/SE PCB and other TE items.


i have TE bottom panel… its kinda damaged tho… the person that had it b4 tried to take off the feet and bent the plate…


Thanks for the offer, but I need an okay to good condition. Unless you have pictures.


I can sell you a Cthulhu. All of the ordering info you might need is in the first post of the Cthulhu thread. Order away and I’ll send it out.


Thanks, but I am holding out for a cheaper one or something like you sold me last time with a backwards screw terminal.


I have an se pcb layin around let me know if u want it its in good condition barley used it

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Does it come w/ the harnesses? If it does when you available so i can pick it up?


Yeah I have the ribbon cables and stuff just don’t have the quick dissconect panel thing ill just shoot you a text message later to see when we can meet up

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Alright thanks I should be free sometime next week.


Would you take a ChimpSMD?


how much are you willing to part it for?




still looking


I’ve got a TE panel, PM me with your offer