WTB PS3 DS or sixaxis pad hack


I just want the pad ready to put in the stick or I have a sixaxis pad I can give to get it wired
LMK if you can or have one for sale and how much


are you aware there are easy to add boards that are more compact and cleaner than a padhack?


Yes but I am looking for a Bluetooth board for wireless and the only one that I know of is the ds3 or the sixax
are there any Bluetooth controllers with common ground pcb That are easy to work on?


Why? The PS3 accepts a lot of PC Controllers. And padhacking + an extension cable is still cheaper than ripping apart a $50 Dual Shock 3. Hell even is is a lot more viable. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Zero-Delay-Arcade-USB-Encoder-PC-to-joystick-for-MAME-Fight-Stick-Controls-/171017609206 or this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zero-Delay-USB-Encoder-PS2-PS3-PC-to-Joystick-for-Arcade-Game-Controls-2pin-/171018138307?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d179b2c3


the sixaxis board can be hacked much easier with an AXISDapter. on sale at http://godlikecontrols.com, the pins on the sixaxis and DS3 are very small and hard to work on. i have two DS3s pcbs that i’ve ruined so far :frowning: with the axisadapter you just screw in the wires to the extension board. good luck!


I’ve one for-sale btw…


if you have a sixaxis controller, then you’re half way to a wireless arcade stick. simply buy toodles sixaxis adapter(assembled) and wire it yourself. no soldering necessary. check out this site for a complete how to assemble guide http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Assemble-and-Install-an-AXISdapter/?ALLSTEPS. off the top of my head, you’ll need small screwdrivers(regular and phillips), to open the sixaxis controller and open/close the screw terminals on the adapter. stranded wire(18-22awg gauge), to connect your stick and buttons to the adapter. wire strippers, to expose the stranded wire from the plastic casing. if possible, buy wire strippers that have a crimping function, otherwise i think you can get by with an ordinary pair of pliers. this will be needed to secure the quick disconnects to the wire. quick disconnects, these vary depending on what parts you’re using. if you’re using happ parts, you’re gonna need 3/16in(0.1875in, 0.5cm). if you have japanese parts, then you need 1/8in(0.125in, 0.3cm). you can buy these insulated or bare. insulated just looks a little neater. lastly you’ll need a usb cable to recharge the sixaxis controller.

i know that seems like a lot of work, but the most time consuming part will be measuring the wires, for your particular stick layout, and stripping them. daisy chaining is a wiring technique used to wire the ground portion of the adapter. another thing, i use two colors when i wire my sticks, one color for ground wires, and the other color for everything else. its still a lot of wires, but makes things a little easier. if you plan on going this route, lemme know if you have any more questions. i think there may be a better instructional site, one that’s more step by step. if not, try NEED A MODDER/BUILDER IN YOUR AREA? CHECK THIS POST. sorry, that forum didn’t come out as a link. lots of luck osotogari.