WTB: PS3 DualShock Pad Hack Service

I have 2 original Sony PS3 DualShock control pads I would like to pay to have hacked so I can put them in stick cases. I already f*cked up one and I have been super busy with work so I figured Id save time by letting a skilled person have at it. I will consider all reasonable offers.

If you’re not married to the idea of it being cordless and all of the headaches associated with it, a Cthulhu board may be the cheapest and easiest thing to use. Full BC compatability, better PC compatability, shittons easier to install, probably cheaper than the cost of having someone hack a pad and you can keep your pads.
Details and pictures:

Those look great but wireless will be needed because in my other room (with the bigger TV) I will be playing half of the time and its too far from the system to use any wired controllers.

Also note that I already have the pads I want hacked and I will ship them to the modder and pay return shipping plus the agreed hack fee.

I’m in the progress of hacking PS3 pads myself. Other than potential lag problems, what other headaches are there?

I can hack them if you want. I charge $30 per pad and they will come labeled and hot glued so the wires don’t fall out. Let me know.

pm sent.