WTB PS3 Fightstick (Preferably Hori Fight Stick 3)

Pretty new to SSF4 so I’m looking for a fightstick.

I’ve been looking at the Hori FightStick but it recently out of sale from everywhere, so I have a preference for this stick.

I’m not looking to spend like $100 on a stick as it will be purely for entertainment.


I have a Hori FS3 I can sell to you but it has my name on the bottom of it though. How much are you willing to spend?

haha nice! I really don’t care about your name on it =P.

I wasn’t looking to spend more than $30 as I saw a new one on amazon on sale for $29, but that was a while back…

I don’t nkow what level of Hori stick you’re looking for, but they range up to 200+ dollars for the good ones, I didn’t know Hori sold ones that were under 30 that seems crazy.

Modding the Wii Hori Fighting Stick with Sanwa parts and PS1/PS3 PCB isn’t all that difficult. If you’re looking to get one modded, I can do it for roughly $150 + shipping (covers cost of Hori stick, Sanwa buttons and stick, artwork, and labor)… that is if you’re willing to go the extra dollar, of course.

I’ll give it to you for $30 shipped. Is that alright?

Meh, it’s a beginner one, but that’s all I really want. Playing with a controller sucks =P

OP, have you actually used that Hori FS3 stick?!? If not then I gotta say it’s atrocious!!! IMO, the best PS3 stick under $100 is the WWE Brawlstick. It’s the PS3 version of the Tatsunoko vs Capcom Wii stick which means it has VERY similar buttons & joystick lever as Sanwa parts. It’s $70 shipped on Amazon:


You’ll notice a huge difference versus the Hori FS3 stick you originally mentioned. Then again, it’s your $$$ LOL!

What makes it so bad? From the reviews I’ve read and watched, people have gave it a very respectable review!

If you haven’t used any joystick then yes, the Hori FS3 will be decent…but if you’ve used other quality joysticks then this one’s bad. Mainly the actual joystick lever (way too big of a deadzone before an input is registered/triggered) & buttons (same reason since they’re not very responsive). While the TvC (& WWE Brawl) stick has much better parts. Someone on here did a side-by-side comparison of the TvC stick parts versus Sanwa (same one’s used in most upper high-end sticks) & they were almost spitting images of each other as well as feel besides being a spring away from feeling exactly like a Sanwa JLF (joystick lever) & OBSF-30’s (buttons). Also, the WWE Brawlstick’s much easier to replace/swap out parts.

Very interesting insight! I’m seeing it go for about $70…anywhere I can get it cheaper?

Thanks! Ya, cheapest I’ve seen the PS3 version’s $70 shipped. IMO, this is the best (mass produced) stick under $100.