WTB: PS3(found & bought please close)


Ma burrfday is coming up and figured I get myself a ps3 and well I should check here first. I don’t know much about ps3 as in how much space the games themselves take up on the HDD, so I don’t know what version I would exactly want. Other than that I’m just looking for the system, all cables, and controller. Games can be included but depends on the price of it all.

Just make a post below with your offers/deals and a pic if possible and I will pm you if interested.


Birthday Boy Bump :tup:

I used to have a 40GB hard drive on my PS3 and I was okay with it. It was an older model and I had to keep making room by deleting old games, but it worked fine.

The good thing about the PS3 though is that you can install a cheap, 320GB hard drive. So you can always look into doing that when you get your PS3.

Good luck. :slight_smile: