WTB:PS3:Neo Geo Pad USB


I’m interested in ps3 games new or used. No sport games or ssfiv. Lemme see what you have. :stuck_out_tongue:


Check out my thread and let me know if you see something you like. I also have a bunch of ps3 games not listed depending on what you’re after. Let me know.


Thanks nite, I’m going to continue to browse more. Lemme see what you kids have.


I have a few games I was thinking about putting on ebay.

Demon Souls
Little Big Planet: GOTY Edition
Dragon Age: Origins

If interested let me know.


I have
God of war collection
Gran turismo
Ridge racer 7


Thanks guys any more games up for sale?
Pm’ed a couple of folks


Valkyria Chronicles
PM me if you are interested.


I have Valkyrie. Thanks. Anyone with red dead redempt?


Vanquish brand new.


Red dead redemption
Heavy rain
Cod world at war
Gta iv

If interested pm me




-Ridge Racer 7

I’ll let go of them for 10 each.


Looking for PS3 games. Preferably Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition . Bump that shit!
Possibly the Neo Geo controller too


Removed to stop random PMs.


Thanks Rt. I’ve got most of those for now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Need Dead Rising 2, and Medal of Honor for the PS3 .Start shooting your offers!


Updated. Yo hook a brotha up!!!


Anyone with a neo geo cd pad??


I need a Neo Geo PS2/ or Ps3 Pad. PM me if you got dem goods.


i got the MGS4 limited. how much will you offer for it?