WTB: PS3 (Or Dual Mod) Sanwa Stick + SSFIV (PS3) Bundle


Like the title states. I am looking for a PS3 Stick (Or Dual Mod) + Super Street Fighter 4 For PS3.

I am tight on money so I am not looking for an super expensive stick. Looking for the best possible deal.

Also have some things I am willing to trade.
You can see the things I have for trade at the following link:



I have a Hori RAP VX-SA thats dual modded for $200 w/ free shipping if you’re interested.


Thanks for the offer. I am looking for something more pocket friendly though.
Which probably means Ill end up with a PS3 stick. But I figured if someone has an inexpensive dual mod why not mention it in the title as well =)




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