WTB: PS3 PDP Mortal Kombat Panel or complete case

I know a lot of people are dual modding this stick and I’m hoping someone will have a top panel they no longer want.

Or even better, but less likely, if anyone has the full case just with no jotstick and without the 6x pushbuttons then I would buy that.

I’m based in UK but if you can ship to Thailand then that’s even better for me.


Tim static is selling an mk top panel, not sure if he’s shipping out of the US though

Ah i see now. Thanks KK.

The MK panel i had is gone. Sorry.

OK no worries. Instead do you know where I can source the original artwork for the Mortal Kombat TE and I will try to get a panel and plexi made up locally?


I have a buddy who is who trying to sell a TE with the panel on it. Not sure what he wants to do with it or even if he has sold it yet. i’ll let him know about this thread.

Thread Edited to put “PS3” in title.

Tim, that would be great, thank you.

i have 1 ill pm u and send u a pic

it was already sold anyway. sorry again

OK, I think I confused everyone by not describing exactly what I wanted.

I don’t want a MK panel for a Mad Catz TE case.

I want the wooden panel, art and plexi from an original PDP Mortal Kombat TE stick. Like I said, I kow a lot of people mod this PDP stick with a new 8 button layout panel so I was hoping that someone would have the panel that they replaced on the stick.

Sorry for the confusion.

its not a te stick change the title to pdp mk panel it has nothing to do with te stick they are two totally different sticks changing the title will help u find 1 just put pdp and take out te

The bundle for MK9 & MK9 PDP stick is a TE.

example: http://www.gamestop.com/ps3/games/mortal-kombat-tournament-edition/89095

anyways, I dont know anyone willing just remove the panel from any PDP stick. You’re gonna have to find a way to order the whole stick then gut it for whatever you want to do.

and FYI, the stick is very heavy and shipping to UK will be brutal. Shipping to Thailand will be murder.

Well I imported 2 PDP sticks last year from Amazon’s pre-order and shipping was only $25 complete. I was hoping that someone in the UK would respond.

Anyways, I think you might be right and I should just get one made locally in Thailand, the only thing I’m missing is the original artwork, do you know where I can download a HQ image of it?

no ive never seen the artwork for DL. but check eBay etc and i guess keep looking. I just think your best bet would be getting another entire case. Good luck tho.