WTB: PS3 stick (like TE or RAP V3SA) or dual-modded stick. (San Francisco)


Right now, I’ve been playing with a modded PS3 SE stick. It’s fine and all, but I need something bigger. I’m willing to trade my modded PS3 SE as part of payment for a PS3 stick, or both my PS3 and my 360 TE (Blazblue) stick toward a dual-modded stick.

I live in San Francisco, so top priority comes to dealing locally (I’ve had issues with receiving packages at home lately, and a stick is too big to ship to work). Bonus points (the points don’t matter) if a trade/sale is made at Southtown Arcade. :smiley:


You could always order a ChimpSMD or the new Cerberus for easy dualmodding.


I have an Hori v3sa I’m selling for 90 shipped!