WTB - PS3 TE RD2, MVC, or BlazBlue model


I am looking for a PS3 black cased TE for a Vewlix clone cab I am building, so the RD2, MvC, or BlazBlue sticks. I would like it to be as close to original (stick and buttons) as possible. Artwork doesn’t matter. Must be fully functional.

Name your price. Please provide condition. Paypal preferred.


I have 100% positive feedback on eBay



Fifty8mm has one. But it’s a package deal with a se and a paewong pcb $80


I am looking for the complete stick, not just parts from it. Thanks for helping in the hunt, though.


I have a PS3 MvC3 TE stick if you’re still interested. pic: http://cl.ly/3J2i2n2j2l1D3a1V0d1f

Looking for $135 plus shipping for it. Also comes with 8-way gate, bat top (with adapter), and stiffer springs.