WTB: PS3 TE Stick (Socal Local Pick-up only)

Looking for a TE stick for the PS3. I live in Socal and will only deal with someone who can meet me up in socal for the sale. If anyone has one up fs please let me know on here or through PM. Thanks!

EDIT: I’m in the IE so IE/LA people get at me if you got one.

You should post where you are in socal.

^^^ Yup

Where are you in Socal. I have a PS3 stick I am willing to let go TE and has custom art on it. Let me know if you are in San Diego.

Sorry about that but yeah I’m in the IE so IE/LA area would be nice to keep the travel to a minimum. I’ll change the post, thanks.

Help a guy out!

Don’t really care about the appearance of the stick just that it works. I’ll even take a SE if it has sanwa parts swapped into it. Thanks in advance!