WTB PS3/Turbo Board for MadCatz TE fightsticks :More info inside

I recently had my fightstick stop working, so looking into why, I noticed the board had fried on the PS3 Home/Turbo buttons, I need to find a replacement one for this, if anyone has a broken stick with this spare part, I would gladly purchase it from them.

Or if someone could recommend an alternate solution to how I could go about modding my stick to where it does not need the home/turbo button board(since as far as I know, the USB connection connects directly to that board), that would be excellent as well

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You can install a Cthulhu.
The Cthulhu can make Start+Select=Home.

But you can still wire up the TE Home Button to go with Cthulhu.

where exactly can i get that?

I REALLY like the Cthulhu board, but both versions seem to be out of stock, any one you recommend for a beginner at this kind of stuff?

I have some previous solder experience, but not alot.

Direct from the person who developed the Cthulhu.
That is how you buy.

I don’t know what you mean by recommending.

So I’ll show you that.

What about the turbo button? I’m trying to mod my PS3 TE with a PS360 and accidentally fried my PCB. The PS360 uses the turbo button to switch between xbox/ps3 mode. Would the Cthulhu work for that?

You fried which PCB?

The original TE PCB on my fightstick. Not the PS360.

You don’t need a Cthulhu when you already have a PS360.
Cthulhu is a PS3 PCB itself.

You can still use your PS3 TE PCB for the Home and Turbo Button.
Cut the Ground Trace of both, and solder wire for Ground and wire for Signal for both.

Route the wires to your PS360 and that is all.

You also do not need a “Turbo” Button to switch consoles.
Just wire up Turbo on the PS360 to another, like Select.
Then just hold Select to switch Consoles.

Thanks for the response. So if I understand correctly, I can just wire the turbo on the PS360 to the Select button and use that as my turbo? Would I also need to cut the traces as u described above? The reason I ask is I think that TE PCB is shot. I’m a noob at soldering and messed it up pretty bad. And sorry to the OP for the hijack.

Only need to cut Traces if you want to use the buttons on Turbo Panel.
Leave alone if you want to make Select as Select/Turbo.

Thanks alot. I’ll hook it up tomorrow. I called Madcatz to get a replacement with no luck and have been looking on this board for a TE PCB. Appreciate all the help.

What are you going to do for Home/Guide?

Haven’t figured that one out yet. LOL. Might put another button on the arcade stick.

Cool, cool.