WTB PS360 fightstick & persona4


Hey I get paid this week and I am looking to get a good price dual modded stick and Persona 4.

now I am looking to only spend like a max of 120 on the stick because I can buy a dual modded qamba at video game nyc for 150 and have it in my hands same day.
If its something amazing and not over 200 I will consider the offer.
and persona 4 im not looking to pay retail New or used because again can just go to the store and pick it up and have it in my hand same day.

so message me with price pictures.
It can be custom made qamba eight arc A dual modded TE w/e It just needs to have sanwa parts (i can mess with semitsu parts if thats what you have though.
It needs to be in good/great/mint condition and There can be no issues with the controller. I want to buy it and never have to open it unless i want to switch buttons or install a new stick.

I look forward to your offers



There was one used TE dual modded stick that sold for like $115 plus shipping but it’s a rarity to see dual modded sticks going for the price you’re asking for. Good luck on finding someone over here but it seems like you’re better off just purchasing it at that video game spot.


well if I don’t get any offers Ill just pick up the game and stick thursday or fiday, I am just trying to see if I can save a few bucks online


Hey Atrain,
I got P4A on 360 that I’m willing to let go for 50. It has the bonus ost also.


You’re better off getting the stick local.


I might take that offer. just let me see if I have enough for it after I buy some computer parts