Wtb: ps360 pcb board used or new

looking to buy a ps360 pcb used or new. wanna get by end of this month before june come around for the sgc event.

Not selling mine but if you really need one
http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/en/mame-arcade-parts/697-ps360-multi-console-joystick-pcb-by-akishop-0855742006977.html they are in stock according to the page.

^^^^Jpen beat me to the punch lol

Maybe you should read the rules before you go PM’ing people & trying to sell on SRK before you’ve met the requirements to do so. Read the rules! NEW Updated Rules for Trading Outlet **PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST!**

I was saying that jpen beat me to posting the link to Paradise Arcade, thats why it was edited