WTB PS360 pcb

As title says looking for a fully functioning new or used ps360 pcb, Im willing to pay a bit extra if someone has one I need to get my stick ready for evo

Good luck i have also posted a similar thread and got nothing. These things are hard to come by.

Depending on what your looking to spend I may part with mine.

i’m down to get some as well. i’m willing to pay 45 shipped. Please Pm if interested.

hmmmm…supply and demand…supply and demand…

0 Supply and High Demand. These things are gonna be expensive. I am trying to learn how to padhack to use a CHimp SMD to save money.

why havent they came out with more stock?

Details are very scarce from Akishop and focusattack (who will carry them in the U.S.), but all we can expect is a release date anytime from July-Septemeber ;(

PS1 padhacks combined with PS3 and 360 converters are also fair alternatives.

word thanks