WTB: PS4 Arcade Stick (TE2/RAP4/ RAP4 Premium VLX

Hello all,

I’m looking to purchase a new stick so I can finally fully dive into these Anime fighters I’ve recently picked up, not to mention with SFV only a month away.

I’m looking for either a Hori RAP4 modded with Sanwa buttons, Hori RAP4 VLX, or a TE2.

Stick must be in good condition and full working order. If you’ve got one you’d like to sell, post how much you’d like for it below, along with any pics if you have any.


I have a HORI VLX Kuro. Must it have Sanwa buttons to qualify for sale?

I have a HRAP 4 Kai with Silent Sanwa buttons. However, the Hayabusa Stick was replaced with a Sanwa Stick with a Gamerfinger Optical PCB.

However, if you still want the Hayabusa stick, I can ship my stick along with the Hayabusa that was removed.

I’m looking for 125 including shipping. Are you interested?