[WTB] PS4/PS3 Compatible Arcade Stick or Mod for my Current Sitck

Hello all. I’m looking to either buy an arcade stick that is compatible with both PS4 and PS3, or for someone to mod my current stick which is a Mad Catz FightStick Pro for PS3. I need it to be compatible with PS4. I’d also like an octagonal restrictor plate for the joystick whether I buy a stick from you or you mod my current stick. I’m not particular to a manufacturer so I’ll give just about anything a shot. My price range to buy a stick is ideally under $200, and for a mod I’d be willing to negotiate a fair deal for both sides. Thanks in advance guys.

if u search ebay for the hori fc4 its a ps3/ps4 pad that is easily moddable to put into an arcade stick… if you know how to solder you can do it yourself the pad is $50 to $60 shipped

So what you’re saying is I could take the part from this pad that makes something dual boot and put it in my current stick?

all the info is here… like i said as long as you can solder you can get it done yourself

Thanks for he help. I’ll look into it, but for now the offer is still open.


its $140 to add ps4 to your current stick


I think that the HORI is too shallow for me.

You can buy the Akishop PCB for $60 and update the firmware for PS4 capability. The catch is it’ll disconnect after using it for 8 minutes. But with the latest update you can connect it again by pressing select+HK.

^^^ Thanks dude i will be buying one of those asap.