WTB: PS4 stick


Like the title says I want to buy a PS4 stick, dont want really want spend over $100. Sounds like a stretch but I know my fellow SRK’erz will hook me up like I did back in the day with my crazy deals.


I would like to help you but $100 max for a PS4 stick shipped is going to be difficult. I have a PS4 stick shipped for $135 on my thread at [forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/209235/wts-hori-blazblue-ps4-razer-atrox-xbox-one-and-hori-real-arcade-pro-fight-sticks-stock-quad#latest](WTS: MadCatz TE2+, HRAPV4 fight sticks and More [Quad] if you are interested.

I hope that helps.


Yeah I know, if you still have it by next month I’ll definitely nab that HRAP Hayabusa


are you still in need of a ps4 stick? have you seen my thread? WTS: various joysticks and other parts! WTB: MadCatz TE cable box

we can try to work out a deal on one of the 2 sticks. let me know.