WTB PSN Account with UMvC3 Jill and Shuma Gorath DLC ( Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 )

Found an account with MvC2!!! THANK YOU SRK!!!

If there’s still someone out there with an account with the UMvC3 Jill and Shuma DLC (and also hopefully MvC2) hit me up, I’m still in the market for that.

Looking for a legit PSN account with a digital purchase of MvC2 for PS3, willing to pay around $100~$150 depending on the additional games on the account.

Will pay extra $100 for an account with the UMvC3 Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath DLC.

Can pay via PayPal Verified or cash if a local SF Bay Area person wants to meet up to do the deal.

I have an old account that has marvel 2. let me just try to remember which email and username I used lol. I stopped iaing it cause I wanted a different username and I couldn’t change it then

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PM sent.