WTB PSone or PS2 dualshock PCB


first of all just to be clear

just PSone or PS2 dualshock, not any thir party ones, and not any normal ps1 dualshocks



now for the main thing

i need the two pcbs (either 2x PSone or 2x PS2, obviously they must include the long wire that plugs into the console) to be put straight into two tournament edition sticks, and i know that the above pads work great with the xbox1 converters aswell,

i cant mod or solder or any thing, so i need wires soldered to each button contact, eg square, x, triangle, o, start, select, r1, r2, l1, l2, so that i can connect them to the quick disconnects of the tournament edition buttons,

all i want to do is be able open the screws of the stick, put the pcb in and connect the wires to the buttons

btw the wire that plugs into the console, how would i get that to feed through the TE storage area, because theres a tiny hole for the wire, and the end bit is quite big, would i have disconnect it from the pcb, and then stick it back on??

i prefer uk seller

and if your local i can bring the fighsticks and the 2 control pads to you so you can fit them aswell, and i will let you keep the fightstick pcbs.

will pay cash

or i can trade for various games/electronics including

ps1 tekken 1

ps1 tekken 2

ps1 tekken 3

ps2 dead or alive 2

gamecube soul calibur 2

ps1 namco stick, very good condition

ps2 tekken tag

ps2/ps3/pc fightstick (hori teken 3 ripoff,)

ps2 king of fighters 2000/2001

ps2 virtua fighter

ps2 wwf smackdown 2007

gamecube console

xbox burnout 3

xbox championship manager 5

ps2 midnight club 2

ps2 various fifa & pro evo

various gamecube games

mobile phones, blackberry 900 bold, htc blue angel, various older nokias & lg’s, & samsungs

xbox1 official crystal clear controllers

faulty ps2 fat console for parts

blackberry 9000 bold

various other ps2/ xbox1/ ps1 games

the only way you could get the PS1/2 cable out of the TE cable compartment is to drill/dremel it. other than that, there are no real options there. i could do the pcbs for ya 'cept you are looking for a UK seller. good luck!

do you know any one in uk??

maybe one of your xbl buds ??

PS wouldnt the srill damage the case??

and whats a reasonable price for the pcbs ??

and a reasonable price for everything, including fitting??

how much are the tournament edition pcbs worth as p/x

i don’t know anyone in the UK - i don’t know of an xbl friends in the UK - drilling from the inside of the case to the back of the cable compartment would not damage the appearance of the case on the outside - reasonable price for one PS-DS1 pcb for your needs is around $30 - reasonable price for everything would depend on the modder - depends on what TE pcb you have (PS3 or 360)

thanks for you help my friend, jutman 22 is a possibility, he is a uk custom builder, i will see if i can get a good price, hopefully it shouldnt be too pricey as all i want to do i s swap the pcbs, ive got all the parts, just havent got te know how.