WTB: PSX Stick

Ok, so it’s come to this… I have to fly in the face of the rules here and post up looking for a stick, since all I see is japanese parts/layouts and nobody seems to wanna get back to me on customs.

I have a self-modded SFAC, but someone kindly screwed up the PSX plug on it when I tried to be nice and allow them to use it. I’d rather not trust a converter, so this is the reasoning. Still works great for my XBox…

I’m willing to go custom or a pre-owned from a manufacturer like MAS, but trying not to spend more than about $160 for it (Sorry, pcx… for $230, I’d expect that thing to automate the common stuff…). I’m somewhat flexible.

Here’s my major points (read: must-haves):

  • Above all else, Playstation 1/2 format. This is to be taken with me to tournaments where the console’s used.
  • American layout.
  • American parts.
  • Start located somewhere on the main panel, towards the right side. Don’t worry about it getting hit when mashing. If the arcade cabinets don’t have that problem, neither will any custom stick. Select isn’t as crucial, but could be good to have handy.

These are the points that I really don’t care much about:

  • Button style. Would prefer concave w/ horizontal switch, but if it’s got competitions, that’s fine. I have buttons I can use in that case. Hell, even Ultimates would work (but get swapped out ASAP).
  • Joystick style. Again, Competition (IL, but harder spring) preferred, but have no problems with a Super or (maybe) a well-aligned P360. Worst case scenario, I employ that clone Super I pulled from the SFAC.
  • Artwork or button colors. I want something that works. Alright if it looks good as well, but I’m spending more time looking at the screen than my stick, so as long as it doesn’t hurt my hands, I’d be happy with a plain MDF box. Same with button colors. Most likely, I’d use the ones I have now.
  • Size. I’m used to my bulky-ass AC, but have tried lap-based sticks and can adjust.
  • Wiring. Only a problem if soldered to Ultimate switches (those use the leaf ones, right?). Would really prefer quick disconnects, though.

Pardon the tl;dr OP, but I’m going nuts trying to get things done here. I’m set to PayPal the money pretty much instantly, as long as total plus shipping doesn’t come to more than $180.

So… who’s got one they’ll sell?

I got one. The start and select are on top, but it has never had been a real problem for me. Has 100% Happ parts. The only downside is that the whole thing is soldered.

Willing to let it go for $130 shipped.

Pics if requested.

If interested I can make you a custom 3 week turnaround with no bull

Bloody Iori made for Beasttaker

Dark Hadou made for Scary Mashed Potatos

PM me if your interested

Sanji: Yes, pics would help. Not sure what you mean by on top, but I know alot of makers like to hide them somewhere along the back or on the sides… makes about as much sense as an arcade cabinet having them on the bottom.

Instructor: You got PM.

Here’s pics. Note, Start and select are the black buttons: