WTB purple bubbletop


edit Neat, i can swap the switches. It’s not QUITE the same, but it’s close enough, and they’re sexy.

I’m looking for a purple bubble top.


I’m interested in the PS-14-K, but isn’t $40.00 a lot for them? Ill do $25.00 shipped for the 8x PS-14-K and the yellow bubble top.


I got a purple sparkle top and the sanwa violet top.

15 shipped for the sparkle and 10 for the violet…



Mmm, 40 is probably a bit much, but last few times i’ve sold stuff, i’ve always started my price too low in retrospect. i haven’t used them on anything except a cardboard box real quick to see how they felt. I’m in no hurry to sell them so I can wait and gradually bring down my price until someone picks them up. Don’t hold your breath on 25 shipped though.

Sorry, seeing as how those tops are like 3 dollars, I rather pay out the nose on shipping from akihabara shop than pay 15 dollars. As for the violet, i don’t need a violet ball top, I need violet buttons. Thanks anyways.


well good luck on your sales. i really dont see why it would be $40 when the buttons themselves are $2.25 each and you said yourself the bubble tops are $3


I also dont’ know why anybody would buy a case from timoe for 100 dollars, wire it up which takes about 30 min tops, then sell it less than a week later for 225 dollars either. Oh wait… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your opinion though.


Lets see. Box was $100, shipping for it was $10, JLF was $21, PS-14-GXN was $48, pcb was $10, shipping was $16, Thats $205 not including the random wiring, solder, quick disconnects and printing the art and other things minor things. Please dont talk if you dont know prices. Thanks. Sorry you are so offended at me pointing out obscenely overpriced buttons and then trying to give you a reasonable price. Like i said before, good luck with your sales sir.


Because you wouldn’t normally make the next person down the line eat your shipping cost on the case itself, nor would there be any good reason that the second shipping cost would be 6 dollars more. Either way, including those extra 15-20 dollars you could shave off the amounts you quoted, you’re still trying to make a 10% profit off of “one of [your] favorite sticks at the moment” that you had for like a week.

I can say what I like when I find your wishes for good luck insincere and your comments unnecessary in my sale thread. Like it’s some big mystery why they’d be 40 shipped. 8 Buttons from licklizard shipped is like $30, I figure clear semitsu buttons aren’t so conveniently sold so why not get enough to allow me to get the sanwa buttons I want for about an even trade? I rather hold onto them for a trade than get cash anyways.

Bah, angrying up the blood over nothing. -_-


If you really want to be that anal about it, the extra $15 is $4 for the art. The qd’s would be about another $2. Im sorry that I didnt do all the neat wiring for free labor? Plus the shipping was $16 because the stick wouldnt fit in the flate rate boc Timoe shipped it in because the JLF made it taller…

Enjoy your free bump. Please dont compare you reselling your buttons as the same condition you got them in to me selling an empty white painted stick case to a fully functional stick. Much appreciated.

Also thank you for lowing your price. I am willing to buy them for $30, but not sure if this whole ordeal would skew you from selling this to me.


You are aware Sanwa microswitches will fit into these buttons perfectly, right?

Also price isn’t too bad considering it doesn’t look like Seimitsu will manufacture another batch once they’re out of stock (which they may vert well already be), these are bound to become rare and sought after sooner rather than later.


I think paying your nose out on akihabara shop will still run you over 15. Like you, I’m in no hurry to rid my wonderful collection of balltops so I try and sell things for large quantities of money every now and then in hopes that there will be someone who really wants something and is willing to pay for it. Anyways, I’ll sell for 10 in case you ever get interested.



Wait so I can have neat looking clear buttons with the control of a Sanwa pushbutton?


I’m not petty, business is business. You complaining about my business is what bugs me, but doesn’t keep me from selling to you.

Yeah I know where you’re coming from. I’m slightly tempted however, i don’t NEED a balltop, i can’t tell the difference when i’m playing anyways heh. The buttons I do though :< If you have violet sanwa’s i might be interested though. I’ll get back to you on that ball if i can’t find one in like a month.


Good news for me, bad news for potential buyers :slight_smile: But much thanks to you, I’ll check that out later today :smiley: I basically just wanted to get enough money after shipping to be able to buy replacement sanwa buttons but if I can just change out the microswitches, I won’t need to.