WTB: Q Cosplay for next week's CONNECTICON


what’s up guys. I’m looking for a cosplay of Q for a convention! I’m tall(I’ll fill you in through PMing for exact measurements). It’s quite a simple cosplay, except the fact that there isn’t many stores that hold material for this project.

Q is a fighter from Street Fighter Third Strike, As shown;

if you are willing to complete this by NEXT WEEK FRIDAY for the Connecticon(ConnectiCon 2010), PM and we could work out the pay


One of the points of cosplay is that you create your own costume.
If you do indeed get someone to make this for you, be sure not to tell anyone at the con.

You’ll be ridiculed.


Like I care about someone trying to crack on me for getting my cosplay done by someone else.


Try Salvation Army/Surplus store for clothing. Or even a costume shop. I’m sure you could find a trenchcoat there.

And as for the mask, that would be somewhat difficult, since it covers his entire head. See if you can find something similar, and if necessary, see about getting it painted to have a “steel” look like his does. Just a thought.

Good luck!


It’s kind of pathetic to be ridiculed by people who are all pretending to be someone they aren’t saying that you didn’t make your own costume. rofl…


to be honest man, it would be wayyy cheaper to just go thrift shopping than making something like this from scratch/hiring someone to make it. the items dont look hard to find at all, and as far as the mask, paper mache that sucker and paint it up nice. since the back half of the coat sticks up, you only have to make the back of the mask half way, so it will allow your head to fit in/on and off. thats the cheapest/easiest solution. if your still interested in the route of hiring someone to make the outfit check cosplay.com and go to their market place, although someone having it done by next friday and shipped is highly unlikely. hope some if any of that helps. good luck.


not sure if this is the only place you posted but i know a lot of cosplay/egl communities have quite a few ppl that make custom made cosplays for commission. i would google to look for someone like that because i doubt many fighting game players know how to sew o:


Yeah Q is just a nicely dressed dude in a trenchcoat with a metal phantom of the opera mask … I think you could piece that together pretty cheap.


word. If I were to make this cosplay myself, can someone list the name of materials he wears? I’m goin shopping tomorrow


if by make, you mean go out and find the clothes its pretty simple. Just a brown trenchcoat/raincoat, white silk gloves, black dress pants/shoes, red tie, white dress shirt, brown hat. Check thrift stores first as they will be the cheapest, if not check out target/walmart. They should have some of that cheap. The gloves might be a little difficult but try party city or something, they should have them there.

As for the mask, get a balloon that is near your head size, get glue, water, newspaper, and paper mache that sucker. As far as the eyes, try to find some sunglasses that are tinted yellow, pop the lenses out, and tape them to the inside of the mask.

if you mean actually make it from fabric…thats a different story…


uhh try a guy fawkes mask


Yeah, because being ridiculed by a dude who is dressed up like a fake character is really going to break someones heart.


Thanks man. I’m gonna make a checklist for all these things and i’m shopping out today


Not a bad idea, but I’d go fore something a bit more squared off. Should be pretty easy to find a mask you can paint.