WTB Qanba q2 glow, either black or white version


As the title says, hopefully I’m posting correctly.
Just made this account recently in the event that I would end up using this place to find my stick haha.
I have 155$ on paypal, didn’t realize that amazon didn’t accept that sort of payment. Evo version is sold out and I missed the sale by a hair… But I’m willing to pay 25$ extra to have it. I’m new in the scene and I’m just trying to get better. Please help a bro out!

And I know the lights are a gimmick but I planned to swap em out for sanwa clears anyway.
If you have a stick for ps3/pc that has light up buttons, please pm me and I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks!




Did you find the stick?


Yeah I ended up just buying it from amazon.