WTB: Qanba Q4 (tri-modded)

First off, this is my first forum post here, so be nice~! :wink:

I’m looking to buy a Qanba Q4 that is tri-modded to play on PS3, Xbox, and PC and I’m having lots of trouble actually locating an online outlet that has them in stock. I was finally able to find this: http://www.nikingstore.com/shop/qanba-q4-full-sanwa-fight-joystick-for-ps3-xbox360-306.html

I’m wondering if this store is reputable (I’ve looked for some reviews on the site but was unable to find a definitive source) and if the price is ok. I live in Atlanta in USA and the play-asia.com deal (http://www.play-asia.com/Qanba_Real_Arcade_Fightingstick_Q4_3in1/paOS-13-71-1i-49-en-70-482w.html) is unfortunately very expensive due to the ~$60 shipping. Can someone tell me if this site is reputable or another place to purchase this stick that has it in stock?

I’ve looked at at focusattack, arcadeshock, lizardlick, gameshark, eightarc, canadianjoysticks, and etokki and NONE of them have it. I’m not too particular about which color/version of the stick I get. Someone help!

–Chaos242 on PSN


Arcadeshock does have some in the limited edition colors.

Still looking for a cheaper price or review/comments/experience with nikingstore.com

I don’t you factored in their shipping costs of nikingstore. It doesn’t calculate the shipping if you use their PayPal checkout link, but the one that requires registration has a $70 shipping fee in addition to the cost of the $125 stick. It puts it at around the same cost as the PlayAsia one, but both are more expensive than the arcadeshock listing which totals to $168 with shipping.

Is Arcadeshock legit? I don’t want to waste $170.


Should have them in stock

Arcadeshock is indeed legit. I’m pretty sure they have a thread here on SRK.

Videogamesnewyork.com excellent owner, excellent service. I have three Q4’s from them.

Finally, some discussion and help! Thanks guys! I’m going to check out videogamesnewyork and see what’s up there. Lung, you are right about the nikingstore paypal checkout link…it doesn’t say ANYTHING about shipping until you sign up and are at the very last checkout page.

I really appreciate everyone chipping in…thanks! I’ll update you on who I chose and how the stick is, if anyone is interested.

UPDATE: Videogamesnewyork DOES have the stick, and UPS ground shipping is only ~$16! I will definitely be buying this through them. Thanks!!!

I ordered mine from Arcadeshock a couple hours ago. Let’s do this.

Stick came yesterday.

just ordered mine from videogamesnewyork, cant wait fer it ta get here.

Day 2 review??? Btw, which one did you buy? They seem to be OOS of the base model.

Just ordered the QanBa Q4 base stick from videogamesnewyork. Will update when it arrives!

I bought the white and red one. I like it a lot, the only thing I would change is a longer cord with the breakaway bit on it.

Did you keep all stock parts or did you trade anything out? I’m going to see how everything plays, seeing as it’s all SANWA parts anyway…

Kept all the parts, what would I switch them too? Other sanwa parts?

Different style joystick? Change the gate? Prettier sanwa parts? Ya know, the usual suspects…

I got the Q4 in just two days, even with the cheapest shipping! It comes in a SUPER nice box, although everything is in Chinese, including the instruction book. I hope it will be easy to figure out once I finally hook it up to a pc, but I don’t foresee any issues. I tried it on SSF4AE2012 last night and boy, can I say that this stick has GREATLY improved my E.Honda (so far). I can get combos and techniques off with this stick that I couldn’t with my previous POS Brawlstick (http://www.destructoid.com/mad-catz-bringing-new-brawl-stick-pad-for-wwe-all-stars-191999.phtml). The stock parts are FANTASTIC and I like the fact that the buttons are almost silent, because while playing with my old one it sounded like I was playing a percussion instrument or something. The cord is plenty long for me and I love the fact that it has the side compartment to hold the cord while not in use. The unit itself is massive and is much bigger than the Brawlstick, or my roommates HRAP3 (http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-Real-Arcade-Fighting-Stick-3/dp/B001GDQRZM). I like the Q4 button layout much more than the HRAP3, which you can see from the previous link, has a curved-downwards arc that, to me, feels awkward while playing. There is nice black felt on the bottom of the stick, which holds it exactly in place when it’s on your lap (if you have pants on, lol). All in all, its a freaking fantastic stick and I can’t imagine anything better, honestly, seeing as though I can take it on any console (sans Wii) and PC!

If you have any questions or would like to get annihilated by my newly-minted E.Honda, PM me here, or add me on PSN: Chaos242
Let me know you’re from SRK if you add me!

Does the Q4 from Arcade shock come with the box?