WTB: Qanba Q4RAF 3in1, Eightarc Fusion [NYC]


Hi. I am looking to buy a Qanba Q4raf 3in1 (excludes ice red/ice blue) or an Eightarc Fusion. (excluding Sapphire colorway)
here are some conditions your stick must have:

  • useable, no near dying condition. VNDS preferred.
  • never modded. OG buttons/stick. no custom art, paint, etc.
  • no paint damage/damage from time etc.
  • must not be the excluded colorway.

PLEASE, please give a reasonable sale price for the condition of your stick.
A word about the [NYC] tag, I am looking for a meetup. Next Level is a preferred meetup spot since i’m pretty close to there. I don’t want to wait for the shipping as well as pay for the shipping. Will post TAGGED pic of $$ you are willing to sell your stick for.

thanks for reading and have a great day


Bump. Will drop pics of $$ if needed.