uh… a good amount? I’m looking to pay around 5-10 dollars for a bunch of them… of course they gotta work for microswitches. Err… i’m not sure whether happ sizes are different than sanwas so they are indeed different i want a mix of both.

I’d check Home Depot, or Lowes. I got a bunch for my Neo Geo cab at the former. Fairly inexpensive.

i believe ponyboy sells them

do they sell those QDs at homedepot? cuz i didnt see them

Ruk[T] your looking for .187 Quick Disconnects if your using it for happs

what about sanwas?

Japanese buttons (Sanwa and Seimitsu) all use .110 QDs. All Japanese joysticks (aside from those that use a wire harness) all use .187 QDs.

Happ also uses .187 for both the joysticks and buttons, I believe. I 'm sure they sure .187 for their buttons but not COMPLETELY sure that they do for their joysticks. But I’m 99% sure.


yes ponyboy dose sell them fer 2 dollars fer a pack of 25[.110 disconects]


i got a bag of about 90 or so 110s, i’ll give for $6 shipped.
EDIT: nvm, they’re 187

what are QDs? just curious, want to expand my knowledge

quick disconnects

Man come on, tis easy bro, either ebay the shit or go to outpsot.com (fry’s) they are your friends. Pack of 100 ct for less than $10 LOOK!!

I posted here because I heard from my frd that alot of places don’t carry the right size. Evidently he was wrong. Now get off my nuts =[

frys doesnt carry .110 only .187

sent today mang

thx homey

you get em