wtb: qd's

I only need 24 of them…

Paintedpail told me he’d send me some, but i guess he just never got around to it.

Let me know price including shipping.

I have a bag of 100 I can sell you $5 shipped.


err, forgot to mention. i need the size that fits happ… .187?

Dibs on those if Mixah doesn’t want em, and they’re .187’s

are they? the bag says 110

if they’re 187s, i’ll take them. just let me get hte money into my paypal, or, i’ll send you an MO if you don’t mind that. just PM me one of those two addresses. i’ll put the cash in my paypal now.

Nope, I presumed you wanted QD’s for sanwa/seimitsu stuff. Sorry! You can pick those up off of eBay or even locally. Any audio/automotive shop should have TONS of them just sitting around. Or heck, any old hardware store too.

i tried radio shack, and they’ve only got packs of 8 male / female for $4… and that’s a lot… $12, and i’ll have 24 male adapters that i can’t use.

Not Radio Shack. Home Depot. Ace Hardware. Lowes. Look back in electrical. Failing that, hit up car audio shops.

mixah, I’ll send you them for free okay. They’re daisy chained and shit too. Just PM your address. You owe me one :P.

i ended up using a bunch of .250’s that i had laying around. they seem to work fine.

Chipper, you’re awesome. Thanks man, but I’m good. Besides, you don’t need to give me anything for free :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking the thread. this can be locked now