WTB: quanba, hori, eightarc, or custom up to $200

Hi guys, I need a stick. I am looking for semitsu 30mm buttons and sanwa/semitsu joystick. I like the eightarc but they are out of stock :confused: . Also open to hori rap v3 and quanbas(since it’s the same as eightarc). Also considering custom sticks, but must have solder-less connections so that I can mod it. If it is acrylic or plexiglass even better, L.E.D.'s a plus. I am willing to spend up to $200 not including shipping. Thank you :slight_smile:

Eightarc *should *be restocking this week if you’re willing to wait.

Check out my thread: WTS Whaaat! Custom Fight Sticks, I dropped prices, and they are good deals!!

snarfulz, I did but I was confused on how to order.

I have a hori hrap ex with an arts plexi and full sanwa for 100$ shipped. I could put semitsus in if you want . http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1199/img20120218120513.jpg

Is it dual modded? I noticed the xbox home button, I have a ps3 sorry I didn’t mentioned it earlier.

Very nice stuff, I suggest you check this out before they sell out.

I have a Qanba Q3 Empire Arcadia for PS3 pm me if you’re interested.

I just ordered a Qanba Q4RAF (new) from www.arcadeshock.com for $164 (thats with shipping included). They have semitsu Q4’s as well.