WTB: R4DS + microSD card

Give me a price and I’ll buy asap.

why not just order one off the net?


shpiping takes weeks upon weeks and its international. i wont trust it unless any of you have feedback about that site. id appreciate it if anyone could let me know how an order has went from that place.

I actually ordered mine from there and it took 2 weeks. I am using it as we speak.

corderroy, so that site is good? I’ll probably be ordering from them then.

edit: and the price is fair too right?

damn. that’s cheap as hell. I think I might pick it up even though I already have a supercard. How’s the game compatibility on this?

i was looking into purchasing one but then a 16gb card came out. I preordered that shit.

Anyway good luck with your purchase.

http://www.realhotstuff.com/r4ds-c-56.html the guy over there is really cool. from the usa so you get your shit in a few days and accepts paypal.


I bought it from Stobe at those forums. He’s awesome. I got mine within 2 days for $40 shipped for just the R4. He has deals for microSD cards as well. He’s the cheapest place I know for R4. This is his actual webpage:


As for a microSD you can buy a bundle from him or you could get them elsewhere for cheap. I got a 2gb microSD from buy.com for $15 shipped a while back. They have deals on microSD frequently. For example here’s a deal for $11 shipped for 1gb microSD:


Of course you can check places like newegg and stuff as well.


thanks a lot guys! ordering as we speak. rep for all of you.

Yeah the site is good I would order though them again =D its $45 bucks with the best Micro SD for the card HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks for the Rep.